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Reverse Logistics Group Americas (RLGA) Services

What RLGA can provide

  • Overall management of manufacturer’s regulatory obligations and desired voluntary programs
  • Tracking of current and potential regulatory obligations
  • Consulting on regulatory and voluntary take-back options for all countries and states
  • Responsibility for full auditing obligations and programs, with the flexibility to use manufacturer’s currently approved auditing partners
  • Global resource recovery solution that focuses on maximization of resource recovery through:
    • whole system reuse
    • component reuse
    • precious metals recovery through precious metal smelting
    • base materials recovery
  • One centrally managed multilingual IT Platform (CCR NET) allows centralized reporting for all regulatory compliance requirements and a manufacturer’s internal reporting requirements
  • Legal compliance

Benefits of the RLGA Model

  • Expertise in collection systems, environmental recycling, and asset recovery
  • Geographic capability:
    • United States
    • Canada
    • Mexico and Latin America
    • Europe (through CCR Logistics Systems AG
    • Transparent process and financial model
    • CCR – 20 years experience with take-back and overall reverse logistics management.
    • Compliance: legislative tracking and management capability provides alerts to potential legislative obligations and prompt setup of compliance process
    • Globally extendible multilingual IT platform (CCR NET)

    With State PlansWith RLGA

    • Manage 50 different state plans
    • Track multiple registration responsibilities
    • Track 50 state reporting calendars for individual deadlines
    • Hire multiple transporters, recyclers, collectors over 50 states
    • Employ administration staff to write and submit multiple plans
    • Individually keep up with state-of-the-art take-back & recycling business practices

    • Manage one relationship
    • Submit data to RLGA one time
    • RLGA tracks reporting deadlines & action items
    • Hire one service provider who selects & manages vendors
    • RLGA leverages across multiple manufacturers
    • Leverage service provider who focuses on development of state-of-the-art practices