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Reverse Logistics Group Americas, Inc.

Reverse Logistics Group Americas (RLGA) was created to remove the complexity of take-back regulatory compliance over multiple governmental jurisdictions by providing cost-efficient, environmentally sound solutions that meet all legislative obligations and customer requirements. RLGA’s Take-Back and Regulatory Compliance System will provide overall management of our customer’s obligations and needs in this area while respecting the environment and fulfilling governmental regulations. At the same time, our system will minimize costs and eliminate the complexity for the manufacturers.

The services include, among others the setup, management and operation of collection, transport, storage, recovery, refurbishment, recycling and / or disposal of e-waste.

Our vision is to provide environmentally and economically sound take-back and regulatory compliance services for electronics manufacturers with obligations in the Americas.

The company is located in Fremont, CA.

CCR Logistics Systems AG

CCR Logistics Systems (www.ccrsystems.com) is a specialist in the management of take-back systems in various industries (electronics, automotive, industry, and commerce). Since 1991 CCR has been developing, implementing, and managing return logistics solutions for customers according to individual requirements of their businesses and in compliance with national and international legislation. CCR provides services for renowned customers such as Volkswagen, Toyota, HP and Acer-Gateway.

CCR is a part of Reverse Logistics Group (RLG), the biggest contractor for take-back solutions in Europe with more than 2,000 customers from industry and commerce. Other affiliated RLG company: Cycleon B.V. (reverse logistics through national post offices). With our experience combined, we are able to offer state-of-the-art take-back solutions to the electronic industry.